I'm Marianne, I'm happy you found me! I am a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) located in Miami. 

Do you enjoy reading stuff related to your personal development and self understanding? Do you seek to improve your relationships but don't really have the desire to submit to therapy? Are you in therapy now? Are you a psychology nerd? Do you just want some free self-help info? Maybe this blog will interest you! 


About the BLOG

THIS BLOG, is a personal project. I am interested to share some reflections and material on personal development for individuals seeking content that furthers your self-understanding or enhances overall personal effectiveness.

In this blog you will find plenty of references to mindfulness (and mindful living), relationshipswomen/feminist topics, career, wellness, creativity, connection, goal settingpsychology and who knows what else! You can read a little bit more on what inspired this blog here.  


MOON BLOOMED is about flourishing towards your full beautiful potential. It promotes self-care and self-love.  

MOON BLOOMED is about taking responsibility of your personal development and happiness, with the understanding that change is inevitable and it is more often than not, a series of phases (and sometimes cycles, just like the moon) -so be patient with yourself, others and Life 'situations'. 


My professional work 

The most recent work involves supervising the clinical department for a non-profit program that provides supportive services to immigrant children and adolescents, many with significant trauma. I am also involved in private coaching &  psychotherapy. In private practice, I have worked with adults and couples in therapy and co-hosted psychoeducational workshops on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).  I also have worked with children and teens extensively (ADHD, behavioral issues, mood disorders, trauma, substance abuse, anger issues, anxiety, depression, self harm/suicide ideation).  Other experience includes overseeing an intensive outpatient therapy program for juveniles with habitual criminal offenses (one of my favorites work experiences) and group counseling for women at an Eating Disorder program. I love community work but also love my adult clients in private practice, which is where I get to practice the healing art of psychotherapy (the reason why I chose this field in the first place!). 

My past clientele has been very diverse and from various walks of life. Being able to connect with different cultures, backgrounds and socio-economic statuses has been a privilege, and I am grateful for that. What I have learned from my professional (and personal) encounters is that 1) we all suffer 2) we all have the desire to love, be loved, and feel appreciated and 3) we all have the inherent potential to realize and meet our 'Best Self' through the discovery or cultivation of our gifts/talents/interests --it takes work but personal growth has no limits  :)


In between my professional work, I'm a hands on mom to 2 awesome boys (the super awesome type ;)) and I'm married to my best friend and life partner <3. I have a creative streak that feeds off writing, doodling, collage-journaling and an endorphin loving brain that thrives from dancing, running and yoga.  


And then there is YOU! Hopefully MOON BLOOMED will keep you inspired so that you may blossom to your potential and stay blooming!